The crystal blue ocean water was the perfect place to fall in love.  Now that same water threatens their very existence.



Steamy Island Romance Series Book 2 3D Fullsize




The shocking end to the first book in this series, Desperate Destiny, made Taylor Montgomery think twice about an old island myth.  Were the islanders actually onto something?  Was there actually some substance hiding behind the story?

If so, it’s a terrifying reality that will change his life forever.

Blinded by love, Taylor continues searching for answers.  He knows the truth is lurking at the bottom of the ocean.  But how far is he willing to go for these sunken secrets?  Will this dive end up being his last?



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Once you see the jaw-dropping cliffhanger end to Sunken Secrets, you’ll want to dive right into the conclusion of this story in the final book of this series, Treasure’s Tricks.



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It won’t take long for you to see that the only thing hotter than island days are island nights!


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All three of the books in this sexy series contain steamy scenes and adult content, so they’re best-suited for readers who are 18+.