Life was so simple before Michael Bentley came along…



He was a sexy Green Beret, unafraid of danger with a perfectly-chiseled body that was built to withstand anything. His charm enticed Julie to take more risks and think outside the bubble of her small-town life. He was picture perfect in every way.

Except sometimes pictures can be deceiving.

When Julie tries to live happily ever after, fate deals her one heck of a blow. Turns out, the love of her life has a secret past that’s going to ruin her future. And just when she thinks she’s been through the worst, even more dangerous secrets are uncovered — shattering everything she thought she knew.

Inside this box set, you’ll get all three sexy short reads from this series — Picture Perfect, Got Your Six, and In the Trenches. This romantic military thriller series will take you on a wild, dangerous, emotional rollercoaster ride with Julie as her picture perfect life is destroyed, one shocking secret at a time.

You’ll never guess what Michael’s hiding — OR how Julie deals with it. Buy this box set and start soaking up the sizzling drama today!


Sexy Secret Drama Series Box Set 473 x 500 cropped



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This box set contains adult situations and sexy love scenes, so it’s best-suited for an audience that’s 18+.