When you’re a sexy billionaire who also happens to be a football superstar, everyone wants to play dirty with you …






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Heath Montgomery was born into Texas’ richest oil family, but he’s made his own name for himself by becoming the best tight end in the NFL.  As the captain of the San Diego Stingrays, Heath is a superstar — one who makes girls’ mouths water and keeps reporters on their toes.

By all accounts, Heath has the perfect life.  Plenty of money?  Check.  A hot girlfriend who makes him moan with ecstasy?  Check.  A deliciously chiseled body?  Check.

But behind the scenes, evil lurks.  Someone is obsessed with ruining Heath’s perfect life.  Who is it?  And just how far are they willing to go?

The only one who can help him is a woman he never expected to meet.  Together, they’ll try to make sense of the confusing web that Heath’s stalker has created — all while trying to make sense of the sparks flying between them.

Will Heath get his perfect life back?  Or will time run out before this football star can declare victory?


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All three of the sexy romance novels in this box set contain steamy scenes and adult content, so they’re best-suited for readers who are 18+.