Football players aren’t used to being hit out of bounds.  But Heath Montgomery’s stalker isn’t one to play by the rules…





As the NFL’s top tight end, Heath has always been able to handle a hard hit — whether it comes on the football field, or from the gossip rags that love to write about his billionaire family.  Now, though, the hits are coming from a stalker who’s getting more and more obsessed by the minute.

Creepy notes, scary encounters, death threats — Heath has seen it all over the past month.  But will he live long enough to see his stalker caught and punished?

The only one who can help him is a woman he never expected to meet.  Together, they’ll try to make sense of the confusing web that Heath’s stalker has created — all while trying to make sense of the sparks flying between them.

Will Heath get his perfect life back?  Or will time run out before this football star can declare victory?

Once you see the jaw-dropping cliffhanger end to Out of Bounds, you’ll want to dive into the final book in this series, Blindsided.




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These sexy romantic suspense novels contain steamy scenes and adult content, so they’re best for readers who are 18+.