Ty Montgomery is a maverick. He doesn’t back down from danger. To the contrary, he defies it …  


Life was so simple before, back when faith was belief and magic was fantasy. But in the islands, the divide between the two is anything but firm. When the promise of a path to destiny appears in the darkness, Ty knows it’s time — time to begin one last harrowing quest for the truth.

Guided by the spirits of the islands, what will Ty discover? Are the islanders’ long-held fears really something to be afraid of? Or are they simply a promise for the future?

One thing’s for sure — in order to find island magic, you first need to summon up the courage to believe in it.


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Island Magic is the third of the sizzling hot Sexy Mystery Series.  For your complete enjoyment, you should read the novels in order beginning with Passions’ Fury and Danger’s Desires.


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 These sexy romantic suspense novels contain steamy scenes and adult content, so they’re best for readers who are 18+.