An offer he couldn’t refuse.  A scandal he never could have predicted.




Jackson Montgomery isn’t your average sexy billionaire.  He’s a powerful corporate lawyer for the generations-old family business, Montgomery Oil.  And in his spare time, he’s a sports agent for his little brother, Heath, who is football’s biggest superstar.

When Jackson gives up the family job and moves to Los Angeles to become a full-time sports agent, he trades his stuffy business meetings for television interviews and glamorous parties on the Sunset Strip.

But there’s evil lurking behind the glare of all those bright lights.  Jackson doesn’t know it, but he’s about to get swept up in a scandal that will change his life forever.

The only one who has a chance of saving him?  Jenna Saunders — a woman who’s so sexy, smart, and savvy that Jackson jokes she could be a real-life superhero.

Except there’s nothing funny about the wild ride they’re about to go on.

From Downtown Los Angeles, to New York City, to Tijuana and beyond, Jackson and Jenna will be put to the ultimate test — all while sizzling sparks fly between them.  Will they be able to outsmart Jackson’s enemies?  Or is this scandal — and the evil behind it — too much to overcome?

If you like edge-of-your-seat suspense combined with steamy romance, you’ll love Game On!  Get your copy today, and brace yourself for all of the twists and turns!



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Game On is a full-length steamy romantic suspense novel with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!

(Not a big sports fan?  That’s OK!  Game On is light on the sports lingo and heavy on the steam!)


This book contains steamy scenes and adult situations, so it’s best-suited for readers who are 18+.