Getting stabbed in the back hurts a whole lot more when your family is doing the stabbing…

Dangerous Secrets Family Ties 314 x 500


After discovering the jaw-dropping truth in Ditching the Suit, Kyle and Veronica are in the crosshairs of a madman who will do whatever it takes to prevent them from exposing his dangerous secrets.


This goes way beyond family drama, though.  This is literally a matter of life and death.

Their only hope is to rely on a man who says that he can keep them one step ahead of the evil that’s pursuing them.  But is he really up to the challenge?  Can he actually keep them safe?

Kyle and Veronica have one goal — to stay alive.  To do it, they’ve got to go on a sexy adventure that’s chock full of wild twists and turns.


But will it be enough?  Or will this sexy thriller end in tragedy?





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Family Ties is the second book in the Dangerous Secrets Series.  To fully enjoy all of the action-packed twists and turns in this book, you’ll need to read Ditching the Suit first.  And once you see the jaw-dropping end to this sexy adventure novel, you’ll want to dive headfirst into the final book of this series, Blood Money.


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 These sexy romantic suspense novels contain steamy scenes and adult content, so they’re best for readers who are 18+.