Mandy Carlisle is all business — until Taylor Montgomery decides he has to have her.



Steamy Island Romance Series Book 1 3D FullsizeShe’s desperate for answers.  He’s desperate for her.

Taylor Montgomery isn’t your average billionaire.  He used a chunk of the family fortune to create the Caribbean’s most prestigious marine archaeology firm.  Now, instead of sitting in a plush corner office or hosting stuffy business lunches, Taylor’s work days are spent diving into the cool blue ocean waters off of Ile St. Clare, looking for hidden treasures.

But the treasure he’s about to find is way better than gold.

Taylor and his partners are thrilled when they’re contacted by Worldwide Mutual Insurance Company and offered a chance to search for — and keep a portion of — one of the world’s biggest and richest sunken treasures.

The only thing better than diving to the bottom of the ocean and digging up ancient pieces of gold?  Working alongside Worldwide’s scorching hot investigator.  Mandy Carlisle is all business — until Taylor decides he has to have her.

Now that destiny has brought the two of them together, what does it have in store for them?



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Once you see the jaw-dropping cliffhanger end to Desperate Destiny, you’ll want to dive into the second book in this series, Sunken Secrets, followed by the conclusion in Treasure’s Tricks.



Buy the box set at a discount from the individual cover price.



It won’t take long for you to see that the only thing hotter than island days are island nights!


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All three of the books that make up the Steamy Island Romance Series contain sexy scenes and adult content, so they’re best-suited for readers who are 18+.