Where do you go when life throws you a stunning curveball?




If you’re TY Montgomery, you seek solace in the crystal blue waters off Ile St. Clare.

Despite fate’s intervention, Ty has vowed to follow his dream — the search for long lost treasure ship, Hesperus. After all, dreams die hard, and Ty Montgomery is not about to give up on his — no matter what the odds.

But destiny is never what it seems.

In these islands, destiny is tempered by superstition — especially the mysterious island of Vega, where a glow of the green tears falls with every full moon. Taunted by myth, tempted by what he cannot explain, Ty must confront the powers that rest beneath these tranquil waters.

But at what cost? Will his search for lost treasures forever destroy the tranquility of these islands?

Destiny is not a choice Ty can make alone. Baffled, Ty turns to a renowned island expert. But Paige Brady is anything but a stuffy scientist. Golden-haired Paige happens to be as beautiful as she is brilliant.

Emboldened by their shared passions, Ty and Paige are about to embark on a wild adventure — an adventure that’s as sizzling in the crystal blue ocean waters as it is on dry land.

Somewhere between the fears of the past and the fortunes of the future, comes the battle of good versus evil. Will Ty triumph over the feared island myths, or will fate surrender to danger’s desires?



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Danger’s Desires is the second sexy romantic suspense novel in the sizzling hot Sexy Mystery Series.  Once you see the jaw-dropping cliffhanger end to this sexy mystery book, you’ll want to dive headfirst into the third book in this sexy romantic suspense series, Island Magic.


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These sexy romantic adventure books contains steamy scenes and adult content, so they’re best for readers who are 18+.