When you’re a sexy billionaire, the secrets are juicier and a whole lot more dangerous …


When Kyle Montgomery gave up his pressure-packed billionaire businessman lifestyle, he thought everything was going to be perfect — including having the perfect woman in his bed. But little did he know that all of his billions would make him a target for people who will stop at nothing to get their way.


Kyle’s dream life quickly turns into an action-packed adventure, with danger lurking around every corner — and the stakes get higher with every secret that’s dragged out into the open.

His money won’t be able to save him from a landslide of suspense and surprises. Can he and his new love overcome it all? Or will these dangerous secrets destroy their lives forever?

Dangerous Secrets — The Series will take you on a wild ride through three romantic suspense novels that reviewers say will “keep you reading and wanting more”.


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Dangerous Secrets Ditching The Suit 188 x 300

Dangerous Secrets Family Ties 188 x 300


Dangerous Secrets Blood Money 188 x 300



These sexy romantic suspense novels contain steamy scenes and adult content, so they’re best for readers who are 18+.