What happens when evil destroys your fairytale ending?



Kyle Montgomery was supposed to be a sexy billionaire with a twist.  He’d given up his playboy life so that he could ride off into the sunset with his true love.

But even the best-laid plans don’t always work out.

Once Kyle exposed the truth behind some very dangerous secrets, his fairytale life turned into a chilling nightmare.  By the time all is said and done, he could lose a whole lot more than Veronica.  He could lose his entire life.

Born into Texas’ richest oil family, Kyle’s always had enough money and power to overcome whatever came his way.  This time, though, all of his billions may not be enough to save him.

Blood Money is the third thrilling romance novel in the Dangerous Secrets Series.  To fully enjoy all of the action-packed twists and turns in this book, you’ll need to read Ditching the Suit and Family Ties first.



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These sexy romantic suspense novels contain steamy scenes and adult content, so they’re best for readers who are 18+.